Arizona Public Records

Public Records in Arizona are created and maintained by various state and local government agencies, as well as by private individuals and organizations to provide information to the public about various matters. The use of public records allows for greater transparency and accountability on the part of the government, and it also allows members of the public to access important information about their state. Public Records in Arizona are available to the public by the Arizona Public Records Law. They are typically available to the public for inspection and copying.

Public Records can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as researching your family history, checking up on a new neighbor, or verifying someone’s identity. They can also be used to help locate missing persons or identify suspects in crimes. Public Records Requests should be made directly to the agency where the records reside. If an agency denies your request for records, it must provide you with the legal basis for its refusal in writing.

Some public records may be restricted due to privacy concerns. For example, certain medical records or adoption records may not be available to the general public. Birth certificates are closed for 75 years, death certificates are closed for 50 years. To request restricted public records, you will need to submit a written request to the appropriate agency.

How to Find Public Records in Arizona?

If you would like to request access to public records in Arizona, you can do so by submitting a written request to the appropriate state agency. The contact information for each state agency can be found on the Arizona State Government website. There are many different types of Public Records in Arizona, including birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce records, property records, criminal records, and more.

There are many different ways to access public records in Arizona. One way is to visit the office of the county recorder in person. Public Records can be obtained from the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Arizona Supreme Court, the Arizona State Archives, or the local county recorder’s office. Additionally, many local newspapers maintain online databases of public records that can be searched. Finally, several private companies offer access to public records for a fee.

You can also request public records online through the Secretary of State’s website. To request a paper copy of a public record, simply fill out the Public Records Request Form (PDF), print it out, sign it , and mail it to:

Secretary of State
Attn: Administration
1700 W. Washington Street, Fl. 7
Phoenix, AZ 85007-2808

or please contact the administration at (602) 542-0681.

When submitting a public records request, please be as specific as possible in describing the records you are seeking. In general, a public records request should include:

  • The name of the document and details of the document you are requesting
  • A date that you’d like to receive the documents
  • Your contact information, including an email, phone number, and mailing address
  • Method of delivery, email, or mail

Vital Records

Arizona Vital Records offers birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage records for individuals who were born died, or married in the state of Arizona. These records are available to the public for a fee and can be accessed online or in person. To obtain vital records from Arizona Vital Records, you must submit a request form with the required information and payment. Arizona Vital Records also offers a genealogy research service for individuals who are interested in tracing their family history. This service provides access to historical vital records as well as other resources that can help with your research. To learn more about this service, you can visit the Arizona Vital Records website or contact their office directly.

Birth and death certificates are public records that can be obtained from the Arizona Department of Health Services at:

150 North 18th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Phone: (602) 542-1025
Fax: (602) 542-0883

Marriage and divorce records are public records that can be obtained from the Arizona Supreme Court at:

Main Address:
1501 W. Washington
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phone: 602-452- 3300

Criminal Records

Arizona criminal records are some of the most accessible in the country. This is due to the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision in State v. Arizona ex rel. Arizona Public Records Law, held that all criminal records in Arizona are public records and therefore subject to disclosure. There are a few ways to access Arizona criminal records. The first is to visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s website and use their online record search tool. The second is to contact the Arizona Criminal History Records Section directly. The third is to request the records from the county court where the case was tried. For access to criminal and civil court documents in the Superior Court visit the eAccess portal. This tool allows you to search for case information by name, case number, or keyword. Most court-case records are open to public inspection at the clerk of the court’s office during regular business hours.

Property Records

Property records in Arizona are maintained by the County Recorder’s Office in each county. These offices keep official records of all property transactions, including sales, transfers, mortgages, liens, and other encumbrances. Property records are public information, and anyone can request copies of documents from the recorder’s office. The most common type of document requested is a deed, which shows who owns a particular piece of property. Deeds are typically recorded when a property is sold, but they can also be recorded for other reasons, such as to correct an error or to add or remove someone’s name from the title.

Other types of documents that may be requested include mortgage documents, lien releases, and assessment rolls. Property owners can request copies of their records, or they can hire a title company or other professional to do a title search. A title search involves tracing the ownership history of a piece of property to ensure that there are no outstanding claims against it. This is important because if there are any claims, the new owner may be responsible for them.

Property records are an important part of any real estate transaction, and they can be used to verify ownership, determine the value and find out if there are any claims against a property. Anyone who is considering buying or selling property in Arizona should order a copy of the deed from the recorder’s office in the county where the property is located. They should also do a title search to make sure there are no outstanding claims against the property.

Public property records can contain a wide variety of information.

  • Residential or commercial purpose
  • Liens
  • Titles
  • Property deeds
  • Mortgages
  • Property tax assessment records
  • Zoning information
  • and Other related documents

Arizona Inmate Records

Arizona Inmate Records are public records that contain information about individuals who have been convicted of a crime and are currently incarcerated in an Arizona prison. This information includes the inmate’s name, date of birth, crime committed, sentence length, and projected release date. Arizona Inmate Records can be accessed by anyone who wishes to view them, and they are often used by employers, landlords, and others who need to conduct a background check. Arizona Inmate Records are an important resource for keeping the public safe, and they should be used responsibly.

Background Check

To run a background check, you should contact your local police department and submit a written request for a background check. The Arizona Department of Public Safety offers a criminal history check service for a fee of $25. This service will provide you with a list of any convictions or arrests on an individual’s record. The DPS website has a searchable database of criminal records. The office is located at:

2222 W. Encanto Blvd.

Phoenix, AZ 85009

Phone: 602.223.2000

Whether you’re looking for a background check for employment or personal reasons, there are a few options available to you in Arizona. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find the service that best meets your needs.

Use of Public Records in Arizona

The use of public records is governed by state law in Arizona. The Arizona Public Records Law (Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 39, Chapter 1) provides that any person has the right to inspect and obtain copies of public records, with certain exceptions.

There are three main types of public records in Arizona:

Financial Records: These include, but are not limited to, the budgets and expenditures of all state agencies, as well as the salaries of all state employees.

Personnel Records: These include, but are not limited to, employee performance evaluations and job descriptions.

Law Enforcement Records: These include, but are not limited to, police reports and 911 call logs.

Exceptions to the Arizona Public Records Law include, but are not limited to, records that are protected from disclosure by federal or state law, such as medical records or student records. Additionally, some types of public records may be exempt from disclosure if they are considered to be trade secrets or if their release would jeopardize the safety of an individual.

If you have any questions about the Arizona Public Records Law or how to request access to public records, please contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office at 602-542-5025.

Office of the Attorney General

Phoenix OfficeTucson OfficePrescott Office
2005 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004-2926
(602) 542-5025 
Fax (602) 542-4085
Hours: 8AM-5PM
400 West Congress
South Building, Suite 315
Tucson, AZ 85701-1367
(520) 628-6504 
Fax (520) 628-6530
Hours: 8AM-5PM
1000 Ainsworth Dr.
Suite A-210
Prescott, AZ  86305-1610
(928) 778-1265
Fax:  (928) 778-1298
Hours: 8AM-5PM

Consumer Information and Complaints Unit

1275 West Washington Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Phone: 602-542-5763

Toll-free within Arizona: 1-800-352-8431

Fax: 602-542-4085


If you’ve been denied access to open records you may sue the official who denied you, and you also may appeal to the superior court. The Arizona Public Records Law allows state agencies to charge a fee for copies of public records. However, state agencies are required to provide the first copy of public records free of charge. Additionally, state agencies cannot charge a fee for inspecting public records.

No matter which method you use to search for public records in Arizona, it is important to remember that these records are subject to state laws and regulations. Whether you are looking for information about your family history or trying to track down property records, public records can be a valuable resource. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the different types of public records available in Arizona and how to access them.