How Can I Find Sex Offender Databases in Arizona?

Parties regarded as sex offenders in Arizona face punishments, including enrollment into a registry for quite a long time or a lifetime. Offender information registries will contain reports of people indicted for specific sex offenses. The registry is available to everyone, and offenders must be enlisted on the database. Sex offender databases in Arizona are shared publicly to inform local area individuals that an offender is a residential occupant or works around them. It diminishes the danger of re-offense and checks the activities of the registrant.

Persons convicted by the Arizona legal system should finish their enlistment no longer than ten days from the conviction. After concluding the registration, the local law enforcement agency will get the offender data. The guilty party should visit the County Sheriff’s Office to start the process. Registrants will give some data, including their complete names, catching of fingerprints, blood tests, and a current photo.

Registrants will re-register consistently until dictated otherwise by a court or the state law. Since the state perceives that some previous wrongdoers are inclined to be re-culpable, it is procedural for registrants to be recognized by a specific risk level. The risk level determines their possible 

level of recidivism. These levels are:

Level 1: Offenders with the most reduced proneness to engage in more sex offenses fall under this level. Not all guilty parties under this level show up on sex offender information databases. Level one guilty parties sentenced for any of these sex wrongdoings will show up in the library:

  • Trafficking of juveniles
  • Rape.
  • Sex wrongdoings in which the casualty is a minor more youthful than 12 years of age.
  • Prostitution of minors.
  • Sexual abuse. 

Level 2: Offenders that fall under this level have a higher recidivism risk than level 1. Each registrant under this level will have their data available to local area individuals. Individuals and establishments must get a notification regarding the presence of offenders by non-electronic techniques (print media). The warning should contain the offender’s precise location, offense history, and a picture. 

Level 3: The danger appraisal for offenders that fall in this class has the most recidivism risk. Like level 2 guilty parties, level 3 offenders’ information is openly provided on offender databases. Local individuals should likewise get a warning of their presence.

The danger of re-offense by an individual and the level they will fall in depends upon some factors. There is a screening exercise in which these factors, including the number of offenses or weapons used during the act, determine their recidivism risk. 

Sex Offenses That Require Registration in Arizona

Following the Arizona Revised Statutes Section 13-3821(A), anyone found adjudicated guilty or has been convicted of any of the following crimes must be listed in the Arizona sex offender registration database:

  • If a person, who is not the victim’s parent, illegally imprisons a victim under the age of eighteen years.  
  • The kidnapping of a minor under eighteen years of age. In this case, the offender is not the parent of the minor.
  • The involvement in the sexual abuse of a minor less than eighteen years of age.
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
  • Engaging in sexual assault, including the sexual assault of a partner (if the offense was committed before August 12, 2005).
  • Engaging in child molestation. 
  • Sexually abusing a child continuously.
  • Prostitution and child trafficking of a minor.
  • Sexual exploitation of a juvenile for commercial purposes. 
  • Sexual exploitation of a juvenile for any other reasons.
  • Enticing a minor with the intention of sexual exploitation. 
  • More than one conviction of indecent exposure to a victim under the age of fifteen. 
  • More than one conviction of public sexual indecency to a victim not older than fifteen years of age.
  • More than two convictions of indecent exposure.
  • More than two convictions of public sexual exposure. 
  • Falsification of one’s age.
  • Aggravated luring a juvenile for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
  • Sexual extortion of anyone younger than fifteen years of age.

Finding Arizona Sex Offender Databases

Arizona sex offender databases are accessible via various means. The state statutes mandate the Department of Public Safety to maintain a sex offender website containing the information of sex offenders in the state. The sex offender registry online search tool allows users to search for sex offenders in their community. Users can search for an offender by inputting an address, name/aliases, or email address. Individuals can also browse the published offender registry to view the details of every registrant in the state. 

Some offenders are non-compliant with the registration procedures and may not appear in your searches. You can browse the non-compliant offender list to obtain information on such individuals. 

Arizona sex offender database is also available on the National Sex Offender Public Website. The site contains access to a national database of sex offenders. However, you can narrow down your search by searching by location. This feature allows you to limit your search to a particular address or city in Arizona.

However, not all Arizona sex offender information is available online. The state laws mandate that only Level 2 and 3 sex offenders shall have their information in an online sex offender registry. You are more likely to find a complete sex offender database at the local law enforcement agency’s office. You can visit the Sheriff’s Office in your county of residence to check the sex offender database applicable to your community. Likewise, the Department of Public Safety is also likely to release such information upon request.