Arizona Immigration Law

immigration law

Arizona immigration law is legislation on the right of an individual to reside within the jurisdiction of Arizona. Apart from defining a person’s right to reside lawfully in Arizona, these laws also influence eligibility to access public services such as insured healthcare, housing, and driving.

Arizona Rules on Illegal Immigrants


An illegal immigrant in Arizona may not apply or solicit work in Arizona. Furthermore, under the Legal Arizona Workers Act (Az. Rev. Stat. Title 23, Article 2), employers must not knowingly employ illegal residents as workers in Arizona. Individuals who violate this law face administrative sanctions such as permanent loss of business licenses. In compliance with this rule, employers must follow the federal rules on employment eligibility verification.

Furthermore, employers must use E-Verify to screen illegal immigrants during a work application. This provision was part of the topics in the lawsuit between the state of Arizona and the federal government (Arizona v. the United States)

Public Benefits and Services

Generally, federal law prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits. However, these individuals may receive emergency services, health care, and other services or programs necessary to protect life and safety.


Schools in Arizona may not offer in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants.

Driver’s License

Illegal immigrants may not acquire a driver’s license as state laws require applicants to present proof of legal residency and birth record before the Motor Vehicles Services issues a driver’s license.

Other Licenses & ID Cards

The same requirement for proof of legal residency and birth record applies here. Thus, illegal immigrants cannot obtain licenses or identification cards. 


Illegal immigrants in Arizona cannot vote or run for public office because they cannot obtain a voter’s card due to rules and regulations designed to make voting accessible to legal residents only.


Arizona does not expressly ban landlords from renting to illegal immigrants. Municipalities are generally responsible for enacting ordinances on the availability of housing to illegal immigrants.

These laws, however, only apply to persons who require authorization to enter and live in the United States on a temporary or permanent basis. Full-fledged citizens are exempt from federal and Arizona immigration laws.